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I teach full time in North London and I do my own artwork in the evenings and during holidays. I love being an art teaching, and spending all day challenging (or trying to challenge) young people to look at the world in a different way. I'm not commercially minded. I'd rather create the work i want to make, at a slower pace if necessary. My art is my release, it's where i can explore and reflect.

"the Waste land" close up.
My background is relief. The sense that you're excavating the surface, that you're digging in and uncovering an image. Practically this has taken the form of paper cutouts and woodcut prints. These processes allow me to carve the material and unearth forms. Of course with woodcutting, you can take the view that you're building an image, building layers. But i do reduction prints, with one piece of wood, going back and taking more of the surface away, and as you build the layers of ink, you take away layers of wood. It's such a satisfying process. Papercutting came about as a means of creating a connection between my spontaneous, quick drawings and the very time consuming printing process.

"the very end of the world" papercut
My last collection of work was about the Fisher King, a mythical wounded ruler. As a result of his infirmities his land has turned to Waste. And I imagine a traveller wandering through this Waste land, and encountering the King and encountering others as he passes through. Dealing with mythical subject matters means that there's a whole range of stories and ideas you can pick and choose from to inform your own ideas, so this environment still has alot of imagery that i want to mine & and explore.

I think like many artists, i tend to revolve around similar themes. One constant throughout my career is the idea of moving through an environment. I love building compositions from what i can see or feel about a place. In the UK at the moment there is such a sense of dissatisfaction with the attitudes of those in power, of the mismanagement of the country and the general misplaced priorities in contemporary lifestyle, theres a great landscape for an artist to explore. My working title at the moment is "after the bear mountain picnic". It references a Bob Dylan song, and it throws up ideas which are good starting points to move away from. I'm currently building up a collections of works which i hope will respond to this title.

"there she goes my beautiful world". Reduction Woodcut
If you're interested in speaking to me about my work please just drop me a tweet. If you're one of my students who's stumbled across my blog, get on with your homework.

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