Tuesday, 30 June 2015

PCGE exhibition | institute of education

Here's are some images of artwork by newly qualified art and design teachers from our end of year exhibition at the institute of education. All the works reflect issues in art and design education. 

Hannah Maden

Adam Bainbridge 

Rebecca Stewart

Leanne Merson

Gurjeet Bahra

Billie Rose May

Mark Curtis Hughes

Giulia Serafini

Lindsay West (sound piece in the tent)

Matthew Bush

Matilda Radcliffe

Karen Meddick 

Rachael Herman

Elizabeth Skinner

Sussanah Pal

Luka Gatt

John Stewart

Joseph Murray 

Dominic Madden 

Isabela de Silva

Mr Lamb

Lisa Waldron

Ella-Marie Fowler

Rebecca Shears

Anthea Loganathan

Lucy Mellor

Aoife Brady 

James Russo

Clara Cowan

Jessica MacNaughton

Hannah Mansell

Sigrid Poon

Laura McLardy

Mia Hodgeson 

Giovana Soobrayen 

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