Saturday, 14 March 2015

Art makes teachers powerful

Next month I will be exhibiting at Menier Gallery in London with my cohort of PGCE art & design students at UCL Institute of Education. The title of the show refers to the Bob & Roberta Smith quote- "Art makes children powerful". 

We felt we wanted to make a statement about the value of having critically engaged and practicing art and design teachers, whose work in the classroom is backed up by an active personal practice. The show will feature the diverse range of backgrounds this group of artist teachers come from. 

Throughout the PGCE I have been reflecting on and refining my artwork. I have been producing art, although it's necessarily in a supporting role of the demands of the course. My artwork deals with myth, and recently it has taken as a foundation the world of the Fisher King and the waste land he rules. The work I hope to exhibit next month will be dealing with notions of aspiration and potential, the value of goals and the sense of what it is to be mentor and mentored.