Monday, 9 June 2014

"And when we roam we will roam forever (No one will understand what we meant)"

The library at Bower Ashton campus in Bristol is being expanded at the moment, and assuming the work is ever completed, the librarians were looking for more artwork to go on the walls. This is a drawing i did of the inside of the library- minus the shelves. Below are some photos of the transition from drawing to papercut...

I did the drawing with a teracotta pastel pencil and i really like the colour, so I decided to try to recreate it with oil paints. The paper is cut down bread & butter paper. Roughly A2 size.

Usually I work completely freehand, but because i had a tight (self-imposed) deadline I put in a few pencil guidelines, but all of the detail was improvised. I've never cut into an surface coated like this before, and i don't know if it was the paint but i found my blade blunted very quickly.

I always start a papercut with the figures. Simply because if you mess them up its not so hard to start again- not that i ever have started again. Just roll with it... Once i had an idea where the figure was going to be I started putting in the pillars, and they give the piece its perspective.

This is a reverse of the finished piece. I think its quite beautiful in itself. Outside the front of Bower Ashton campus is a horrible neon sign that says "You are forever changed you will never be the same again" I think its purpose is to punish hungover students arriving for lectures with its vomit inducing drivel. But when I was thinking about a title for the papercut i heard a song lyric that in terms of rhythm and content reminded me of this eyesore. So I called it "And when we roam we will roam forever (No one will understand what we meant)"