Monday, 11 November 2013

Thirteen13 at Parlour Showrooms. 26th Nov- 1st Dec

Can't wait to exhibit again at the Parlour Showrooms in a few weeks. It's closing down soon. Massive shame. Boo to Bristol council. We don't need more flats or coffee shops!

Some new paper cuts

I've been working on some new images- trying to make darker scenes. I want to play more with the natural light/dark contrast you get papercutting, but at the same time giving it the same sketch style that i've had with my previous paper cuts. As ever these were cut straight into the paper without drawing the image first.

"the blues of longing & longing to be confused" detail & below

"Midnight Lake" detail & below infront of light

These were cut into paper on which i put down a plain lithograph. I've had them kicking around for years. At the minute i'm experimenting making my own paper to do cuts on.