Monday, 2 September 2013

I've added a Gallery page to this blog, this links to my flickr account on which i've uploaded a number of examples of my work. The pieces are divided into sets of drawing, papercuts and prints and a separate category for my fischer king series.

"torn & frayed", reduction woodcut
The Fischer King series is a series of 5 images which i made for the conclusion of my MA in Printmaking. The fischer king is the mythological wounded ruler; whose kingdom, because of his frailties turned to Waste. 
My series images a traveller journeying through this Waste land. In the background of each piece you can see this distant lonely character to emphasis the travelers own islotation in this environment. 
All the images began as drawings, which i then made into hand papercuts and then into hand burnished reduction woodcuts. All the processes are low tech and could be made by the traveller on the move. In my degree show i exhibited three of the papercuts and two of the prints.