Saturday, 30 March 2013

During the week I was invigilating at the Parlour Showrooms I spent the time making some more papercuts. Here's a link to my flickr account with the piece i made, as well as some other work which was in the exhibition.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

This is my blurb from the show at parlour showrooms, starting with an epic Hemingway quote and then my inferior scrawl...

"In going where you have to go & doing what you have to do, & seeing what you have to see, you dull & blunt the instrument you write with. But I would rather have it bent & dulled & know i had put it on the grindstone & hammer it into shape & put the whetstone to it, & know I had something to write about, than to have it bright & shining & nothing to say, or smooth & well oiled in the closet, but unused." Hemingway

I should start by saying that my work always starts with drawing, I have a sketchbook i carry around everywhere to doodle in. I'm currently studying an MA in Printmaking at Bower Ashton art campus, and I began papercutting as a means of bridging the gap between my drawing and my woodcut prints. i was finding it difficult to translate my pencil marks onto a woodblock and the kind of form you can carve with a scalpel into paper is at once deep and rich like a woodcut and spontaneous and dynamic like a pen. And this is how many of these cutouts evolved- as a step in the development of a print. 

I don't use a lazercutter. For the same reason I don't draw the image out before I start cutting. I find that working spontaneously with the scalpel gives me leverage to evolve the image further and be playful with the forms i uncover. I also want to have a low tech practice. I want to be able to pack up my tools and set up anywhere i like. For that reason I cut by hand as well as hand burnish my prints.

In this exhibition I am showing a range of my paper cutouts from the last 18months. Beginning with some early life drawing cuts and up to my most recent work, exploring the theme "The Fischer King and the Waste Land"

Friday, 22 March 2013

I've been selected for the Drawn 2013 exhibition at RWA in Bristol. See the link below for details

Cut the Line. Private View 21st March, Parlour Showrooms Bristol

My Papercut exhibition at the Parlour Showrooms on Park St in Bristol is in full swing. Last night was the Private View, and it was really good fun. Thanks to everyone who came. The show continues until Tuesday 26th. I'm going to be here from 10ish-6ish every day so do pop in. Here are some photos from last night. Thanks to Steve Norton for being my unofficial official photographer.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New Game. Like desert island discs but you're being abandoned in a white cube and you have to pick 8 pieces of art to fill it!

I wanted to pick a broad selection of art and i've not thought about how they might all sit together in the white cube, i'd rather have work that i enjoy.

1. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner- Naked dancers

2. Picasso- Yo Picasso

3. Mark Rothko- Untitled 1968

4. Jasper Johns- Diver

5. Bruce McCall- DeSoto discovers the Mississippi

6. Li Yitai- Beside the Jialing River
(this link isn't the same image)

7. Giacometti- The man who walks in the rain

8. Karl Schmidt-Rottluff- Russian Landscape with Sun

Now, to keep you entertained while you're sat in your show I'm going to give you two books. Art Now and the Complete works of John Berger, and you can take one of your own...
German Expressionism: Graphic Impulse

And a luxury? Sketchbook & Fine liner!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Defining travel

"It seems proper that those who create art in a civilization of quasi-barbarism, which has made so many homeless, should themselves be poets unhoused & wanderers across language. Eccentric, aloof, nostalgic, deliberately untimely..." Edward W. Said in his essay, Reflections on Exile.