Tuesday, 12 February 2013

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Some more Papercut images from Katherine Lady Berkley

A few months ago I did a papercut workshop with some of the 6th Formers at KLB, I posted some images of the work they produced then. But recently they've had an exhibition at the school and i wanted to post some more photos to show how their papercuts have come on. They're really exciting.

The Fischer King & the Waste Land

For the last six months or so my working title has been THE FISCHER KING & THE WASTE LAND. Its a progression from the piece I did before the summer THERE SHE GOES MY BEAUTIFUL WORLD. I've been working on a series of images as if i'm traveling through the Waste land, witnessing the ruined land and it's flawed leader. My work is low tech and portable so it's almost as if I'm a photo journalist in this fictional environment.

Here are a few early papercuts I was working on before Christmas, and i have developed some of the images since i created these. I treat my papercuts like sketches. They're my way of thrashing out an idea. Using a scalpel i cut directly into the paper as if drawing, without marking the surface first. This allows me a level of improvisation as i work. Some of these cuts i'll then use as a guide to making into a woodcut.

This is an experimental watercolour reduction woodcut. I've begun using watercolour inks rather than oil, partially for convenience, partly the environment, but mainly because of the lovely matt finish and the tonal qualities which you just don't get with oils.

The scene is the artist/viewers first encounter with the Fischer King. Emerging onto a river bank at dusk with this strange figure looking out at the ruined city on the horizon.

At the moment i'm reworking this image with the intention of using it in my degree show in June.