Wednesday, 12 December 2012

papercut in progress

This is my latest paper cutout- it took about 12 hours to make in total. As usual i'm working straight onto the paper with the scalpel, without drawing anything first. I have a sketch that i use as a reference- and in this case, the sketch is based on an old photo i found in a library book. But the reason i work by eye is that it allows me to improvise as i go along, which for me makes it a drawing rather than a stencil, and it also makes it a living piece and there more interesting to produce, and thats important because of the time it takes to make. I've uploaded a better quality photo to my flickr page.

Paper cutting workshop at KLB

Yesterday I was invited back to Katherine Lady Berkley school to run a paper cutting workshop with some year 13 students. The class had drawings and photos from their recent art trip to Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool and i encouraged them to work from them, straight onto the paper with a scalpel. It's quite a daunting project, but even the ones who struggled at first got into it, and made some really interesting work in the short time i was there. Thanks to all the staff for all the help throughout the day.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

UWE Mini print Private View, Thursday 6th Dec

Thanks to Steve Norton for these photos from the UWE Mini Print private view at Foyles bookshop in Bristol. The mini print project has been running for over 25 years, and i was very excited to be part of it this year. You can just about see my print on the top row- second from the left. The prints are going to be exhibited from now until the end of February, and they're all available for £18 each unframed. You can see some photos of how i made my mini print in the previous post.