Saturday, 27 October 2012

"Ain't it just like the Night" October 12

Here are some photos of me making my latest woodcut. It is for UWEs annual mini print exhibition at foyles bookshop in Bristol from December. It's an edition of 60, and i did a 5 colour print, using two blocks.

"Ain't it just like the night" is a line from a Bob Dylan song called Visions of Johanna. I was thinking about a kind of Hopperesque scene of a woman looking out of a window in a darkened room on some urban night time scene. All very mysterious and solitary, and combine this with the tactility of a woodblock print.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My top 10 artists... (in any order)

1. Picasso.
I think Picasso is abit of a boring choice because he's so famous and discussed. But in terms of exploration and output i don't think he can be matched.
2. Karl Schmidt-Rottluff
The German expressionist. I love the energy in his woodcuts, like many of the printmakers in Die Brucke, his woodcuts feel very spontaneous and expressive.
3. Mark Rothenstein
Another woodcut artist, i like how he composites his layers and the looseness and texture of his prints.
4.  Alexis Preller
A South African artist, i'm interested in how he's influenced by traditional African imagery, i also like his compositions the way in which all the forms sit together
5. Edward Hopper
For his expansiveness. I love the sense of escapism in art and Hopper seems to have captured this even in his urban scenes with large empty spaces and introspective figures.
6. Casper David Freidrich
More or less the same as Hopper, but there is a difference, i think Freidrich is more spiritual and more optimistic- or naive.
7. John Sloan
I've talked about John Sloan at length on this blog. In his early work he captures the activity and edgy-ness of city life.
8. Wilhelm Sasnal
I like how Sasnal draws from contemporary influences- radio, internet etc. His painting feel very contemporary.
9. Simone Berti
His work has a striking presence. But i also find it quite funny- i hope it's meant to be...
10. Jasper Johns
Not so much for his paintings, mainly for his drawings, for the tactility of his mark making.

"Surfacing" Bocabar exhibition

Wow, i've not done any blog since July, where did that go?

These are some photos of my work in the Surfacing exhibition at the Bocabar in Bristol. The show is ongoing until the end of the month. The artists are all final year MA printmakers at UWE. The top photo is my hand burnished woodcut called "There she goes my beautiful world" second down shows two of my paper cutouts on the wall. It's a really diverse show, lots of different types of printmaking from the very traditional to digital, and Bocabar does very good pizza.

Photos taken by Steve Norton.