Saturday, 30 June 2012

First attempt at a reverse dab print

I hope through the photo you can see the slight embossing on the print. It was a very make-shift experiment, with no proper press and no proper dabber, and just using some scrap paper in my studio. But the process seems fairly effective. I think I might have a go with some thinner paper I might be able to make up for not having a press. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

There she goes my Beautiful world- work in progress

Just an update on the work I've been doing over the last six weeks or so. The latest print I'm working on is called "there she goes my beautiful world" it's based on a Nick Cave song. The first time I heard it it came on the radio and made me jump out of bed, it seemed so energetic and thought provoking in a dark humorous kind of way. As Cave does so well.

I spent a few weeks doodling with compositions in my notebook. Thinking a little about the apocalyptic nature of the song. It also made me think about the choices we make in life and love and the consequences of them, and the transiency of life. How temporary those decisions are. I've just been mulling those thoughts over as i work. Of course the other theme of the song is the challenge of being creative. 

For this print I decided to to a reduction woodcut, unlike the previous Freedom series which was in lino. Because of this i've cut out some of the background detail, to accommodate the texture of the wood grain. 

As before, I'm hand burnishing each layer. I'm reflecting on each layer, so in effect i'm not completely sure how many layers I'll have at the end. These photos go up to 9 layers. I feel like i'm working on this in quite a painterly way, it feels very tactile.